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WA Admin Finder (Free) Joomla

WaAdminFinder, solves the problem of finding content quickly in Joomla Backend, showing if the text is in article, module, categories, etc..

WA Admin Hidden (Free) Joomla

This extensions is a Plugin to hidden the administrator interface .

WA Contact Pop up (Free) Joomla

WacontactPopup is a module that display a contact button in fixed right position , when user click in contact button the contact form modal is showed

Wa Redsys Guru LMS - Joomla

Payment plugin via Redsys TPV (la Caixa, Banc Sabadell, Santander, etc) for Guru LMS for Joomla.

69,99 €

WA Testimonial Slider (Free) Joomla

WaTestimonialSlider is a Joomla module that shows information from customer testimonials for your website

WA Testimonial Slider (Free) Wordpress

Plugin to show a Bootstrap Testimonial slider for your website. You can add new testimonial, edit one, or delete one.

WaVirtuemart Sizes (Pro) - Joomla 3 / Virtuemart 3

It's a custom field plugin for Joomla/Virtuemart that allows you to create products whose price is based on the measurement attributes (length or height and width).

69,99 €